Week 4 — Briefs, Briefs, Briefs…

Andrew Wilcox
2 min readOct 14, 2020

It was nice to see the brief wall come up, and to see what was on offer. The RCA briefs had too much of a social justice flavour for my liking, but many of the tutors briefs looked good, as well as some of the D&AD briefs, which I still need to look at properly.

Having already decided to continue on with the Mistake’s Module from Augsburg, I already had some ideas of where I would like to go with it, and this is where I have made the most progress with ideas, although I have started three other briefs so that I can move between them periodically.

I found it quite helpful dealing with the multiple modules I had in Augsburg, as giving different projects a break allowed me to have a fresher pair of eyes upon returning. Intitially I did not like it because I had to organise my time between the modules, but I think it worked well for me. So this is why I am choosing do it this way, as I feel it will be more efficient in the long run. I can also ‘try out’ the briefs in this way and see how much I want to come back to them.

One of the briefs I am really looking forward to getting into is Bryan’s packaging stories. I love packaging graphics and it is what got me in graphic design in the first place, and combining it with packaging from fiction makes it a fun prospect to dig into. So far I have been brainstorming a list of possible packaging items, many of them coming from video games and dystopian novel’s, with a Brave New World providing some interesting opportunities!

The other briefs I have been researching are Mafalda’s You Are What You Eat, and the student fees postcard idea I had for the £100 challenge. I would like start a D&AD brief as well, and the Coors Light one looks the most likely at the moment. I have never tried the beer, so I think some initial primary research sounds good for this one. :)